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07.Jan.2008 Solo - new recordings

Solo are busy recording their new album. Some footage is online now:
check: their MySpace video

22.Apr.2007 Still on tour with SpinviS and Solo

The tour is still going strong, good crowds, rave reviews etc. About 10 more to go and by then our theatre adventure will be finished for this season. So far it’s been good. Pictures might follow…
Solo is supporting is and is playing new songs, can’t wait for that next album! Meanwhile, get there in-between acoustic [...]

25.Nov.2006 Long time…

It’s been a while since the last post.
Been busy touring with Spinvis (supported by Solo) through Belgium, some Johan shows, the amazing excelsior allstar band show for the 35 year anniversary of dutch music magazine Oor, and other things. Made a recording and did the mix of some groups at Rasa, together with a Tivoli, [...]

05.Nov.2006 Solo - Opportunities video

14.Oct.2006 New gear!

Certainly, there were shows this week to, some with Johan, some with Solo, some at the Patronaat, all of which were good!
Finally the TL Audio VP-1 I ordered last month arrived, and it’s flightcase, and the new multicore for my rack, so I’ve put it all together, and am ready to take it on the [...]

12.Sep.2006 Solo and Charlie Dee@Fabchannel

The shows of september 6th are online in video and audio now!
Charlie Dee@Fabchannel

10.Sep.2006 New video for Solo

Solo released the video for the new single opportunities, in which the’ve gone fishing.
See it at

07.Sep.2006 Solo@Paradiso

Tonight we had the first show of the Charlie Dée and Solo double headlining tour, and it was great!
Paradiso is one of the nicest looking venues, the audience was good, the shows were good, so everything was fine. This tour kicked off very well.
The concert will be available online soon through fabchannel, i’ll post links [...]

04.Sep.2006 The end of festival season

7 shows this weekend meant the end of the festival season, back to the clubs and theatres now, with proper soundchecks and long waits. Friday we did an open air show with Spinvis and Solo at a very nice venue: De Kersouwe in Heeswijk Dinther. Saturday we went to a muddy festival called “de Beschaving” [...]

21.Aug.2006 New Singles

Solo, Johan and Spinvis all have released or are about to release new singles from their albums.
For Solo this will be “Opportunities” with some bonustracks, for Johan it will be “Walking Away” (check the video on, and for Spinvis it is Flamingo, with lots of video material on the dvd side of the dualdisc [...]