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07.Jul.2008 SpinviS / Vinkenoog - Ritmebox

Spinvis will release a new album next week, which is downloadable for free as of today.

04.Sep.2007 Spinvis@Uitmarkt Den Haag

Last sunday was crowded with gigs, first Spinvis alone at Paradiso, supporting the ” Goochelaars en Geesten” release, which entered album charts at #4, then with Johan in Hilversum at the Hilversum on air festival, and afterwards with Spinvis at the Uitmarkt in Den Haag.
Pictures Den Haag:

11.May.2007 Heelal-lampen (universe lights)

For the latest Spinvis tour, our LD Frank Hardy designed his own lights. See the picture, the pinspotbeams are from those lights.

07.May.2007 SpinviS tour finished; Johan on the road again

The 3rd and 4th of May were the last showdates for Spinvis’ Op een Avond in het Heelal tour. Two good shows in a wonderful venue: Leidse Schouwburg. The 5th we were on the road again with Johan, for two festivalgigs. They rocked.

Johan Bevrijdingsfestival Groningen 2

15.Mar.2007 Back from SA

Well, it was a blast, more than 30 degrees, no clouds, nice hotels, beautiful country. Behringer equipment everywhere, with hardworking people accompanying it.
3 gigs, one at a luxurious dinner, one at a festival in a mall and one at a cool runnings (yes, named after the film with the jamaican bobsled team….), which is a [...]

28.Feb.2007 South Africa!!

Next wednesday we’ll be leaving for a small tour of southafrica with Spinvis, after we’ve started off our dutch “Op een ochtend in het Heelal”-tour. We’re rehearsing now, and will play if for the first audience on March 1.

17.Jan.2007 Popprijs Comic

Hajo drew a cartoon regarding the popprijs, a price for the dutch artist that has meant the most for the dutch music scene. Also in the running was Jan Smit. The (dutch) cartoon:

14.Jan.2007 Noorderslag 2007

Spinvis has won the dutch Popprijs! Which resulted in a beer throwing competition, instruments covered in plastic and towels, and a nice show! Johan had an excellent gig, pictures might be up later!

25.Nov.2006 Long time…

It’s been a while since the last post.
Been busy touring with Spinvis (supported by Solo) through Belgium, some Johan shows, the amazing excelsior allstar band show for the 35 year anniversary of dutch music magazine Oor, and other things. Made a recording and did the mix of some groups at Rasa, together with a Tivoli, [...]

04.Sep.2006 The end of festival season

7 shows this weekend meant the end of the festival season, back to the clubs and theatres now, with proper soundchecks and long waits. Friday we did an open air show with Spinvis and Solo at a very nice venue: De Kersouwe in Heeswijk Dinther. Saturday we went to a muddy festival called “de Beschaving” [...]