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23.Dec.2008 New old 414 and others

finally, after a months wait, the 414 I bought from the states came in. I am now at a grand total of 3 414s. Or 4 including the 214. It’s beautiful!
and came with a very nice old shockmount, the AKG H17a.

Further additions to the mic collection (and I think for now I am complete):
Neumann [...]

16.May.2008 New gear for coming theatre tours

Some new gear has been acquired for the upcoming theatre tours at De Parade, Micheline&Bruno Brel, Spinvis and Johan.
I am now the proud owner of:
1 Yamaha LS9-32 digital console
8 Sound Projects X-Act powered monitors
A bunch of extra mics and di’s
All cabling that is needed on stage, and a multicore for the FOH-Desk
Pictures will follow…
Besides, I’ve [...]

11.Apr.2008 New mic is in, and Ultimate Ears!

Got myself a second hand vintage md421, beige!

It has the old sennheiser logo, with the curly letters, and is a 421 HN - serialnr somewhere in the 1500. Probably from the early 60s! The booklet number is MD421-6107-5 so i guess it is 1961. Now I have to find the right tuchel pinout.

and some ultimate [...]

30.Aug.2007 New gear!! again

I finally got myself some protools, with an mbox! Still need to install it though, but will be fun!

Mbox front and back

20.May.2007 New Mic came in

The Oktava Ribbon Microphone I ordered for a new tour starting in January 2008 is in and looks cool. Will have a listen tomorrow, but reviews are good:

Mention “ribbon mics” and the word “expensive” usually comes to mind. However, due to the recent resurgence of interest in ribbon mics, Oktava — the 55-year-old microphone company [...]